The Department has planned internship training in the second semester of the third year and the first semester of the fourth year. According to the Department’s implementation directions for student internship training, the students are assigned to the “Exercise Health Science Research Section”, “Athletic Trainer Section” or “Muscle Strength and Fitness Training Section” based on their academic achievement and their order of preference; they can conduct their internship training in accordance with the internship advisors’ plan.

The Department has arranged for the students to understand the operating procedure and content of the internship training in “Project Discussion (1)” during the first semester of the third year. During the internship training program in the first semester of the fourth year, students will also be able to share their experience, and the difficulties they encountered, with the others during their school-return days in “Project Discussion (2)”, thereby helping students to successively complete the internship training.

The Department will hold an “Internship Section Orientation” before the end of the first semester of the third year. The different sections for the internship training are as follows:

  1. Exercise Health Science Research Section

    Students who desire to further their education in the future are given recommendations in journal readings and research concepts. The students are required to propose a simple research proposal during the semester and then make a poster to present their results and discuss the reasons for the research results, as well as the deficiencies in the research, at the end of the semester.

    Participant in sports health science research
    Sports Health Science Research Awards
  2. Athletic Trainer Section

    In correspondence with the Athletic Trainer Certification conducted by the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education, students who desire to become qualified athletic trainers must undergo at least 500 hours of internship training. The students will apply what they see and learn in actual competitions and team trainings, and record them in words and submit a weekly and monthly report. Students may also record and raise the problems they encountered for class discussion and experience exchanges.

    Partial training situation of athletes
    Sports protection station personnel
  3. Muscle Strength and Fitness Training Section

    Students who desire to become exercise instructors are required to undergo 400 hours of internship training in a professional fitness training center to learn how to offer muscle strength and fitness training to professional sports players, as well as design and implement a muscle strength training plan for people in general. The students are required to submit an internship training report at the end of their internship.

    Muscle training and fitness training (two in total)